The Dude Behind The Curtain

SStephen is a walking, talking, networking blend of credibility and know-how. Raised in a lower middle class immigrant family, he combined a tenacious work ethic and keen sense of curiosity to usher him over one hurdle after another. Nearly twenty years after computer technology first became accessible to consumers, Stephen has harnessed the marketing potential of the Internet…and he is now sharing his formula for success.

It’s Not Where You Came From, Only Where You Are Going

Stephen has always had a sense of entrepreneurship since his elementary years.  He worked with his parents every month to raise money at garage sales.  In second grade, he also bartered with children at school; candy or basketball cards for cheap recycled paper.  His father was a professor, but had a hobby in computers, so Stephen spent time learning programming at age 10.

Little did he know then that he had tapped into technology that would shape his life and allow him to help countless others.

Zoom forward to college in 2001.  After tearing two wrists during a work injury at a local grocery store in his early 20’s, Stephen was unable to use his hands.  No hands, no job.  He was forced to find a way to put himself through college.  He continued to educate himself on the Internet while trying everything he could. After a year of failed attempts and paying no mind to naysayers who told him, “This isn’t going to work”.  Unable to afford to pay for his books and food, he borrowed a friend’s book.  The semester after, he promised to sell it online and a week later handed his friend $75.  His friend jumped “The bookstore would’ve paid me only $15!”.

Stephen soon discovered a demand and bought as many books as he could from students and sold hundreds online.  While that business put him through college, it too, fell apart when he created back-log of orders that he couldn’t handle.  He worked himself out of a job, but he took away a great education in sales and marketing.

It All Starts with A Spark

After one success, Stephen dove full force into online marketing in 2001, and started building websites.  He started taking on all sorts of independent clients.  Naysayers continued, “You should be partying and having fun, not working in your college dorm room!”.  Creating his own on-the-job training, he sold everything from web hosting to websites and managed online marketing for various companies.

Zoom forward, he graduated college and got a job as a lead web programmer for a local university and it was here where he developed the skill to troubleshoot and teach professors, staff, and students how to resolve technical issues.  During this time, he built his first software product.

After struggling to acquire enough traffic for one of his websites, Stephen took a chance on a media buy and got more traffic and sales to the site. The first three months was 10x the profits he made working at his day job in a year.  Sales skyrocketed! Stunned at the results, it was then that Stephen discovered the true power of media buys.

Just Enjoy the Climb

Virtually overnight, (while working at the local university) Stephen went from being a relatively unknown online marketer from South Carolina to enjoying his stature as an online marketing leader, rubbing shoulders with the best of the best.  Read interview here.

It was at this very moment where he decided to quit his day job to help other businesses.  He soon began working behind the scenes developing SaaS and video product lines and driving traffic (by offering these as white label services) for some of the biggest players in the industry.

Since then, Stephen became the go to guy when online funnels aren’t working.  Having dealt with 1000’s of funnels, he has a canny ability to see why it isn’t converting and with his wealth of knowledge, potential creative solutions.

“I’ve been broke and successful and broke and successful so many times,” says Stephen, “and while I have my own businesses – I love taking on specific clients I feel I can help that can avoid the roller-coaster and just enjoy the climb.”

Why was the business formed?

It was formed with the vision to find specific businesses who have amazing products and services.  More importantly, who absolutely believe that what they are doing will benefit their clients.

“Because we are building other people’s businesses – I want to make absolutely sure we only partner with the right clients who make a greater impact”, says Stephen.

As a highly sought out agency, we are unable to take clients in the MLM, reseller space, gambling, porn, pharmaceutical, “make money”, or at our discretion.  While we primarily specialize in online retail, eCommerce, coaching, consulting, and online courses – we have helped many local businesses with lead generation as well.

That said, we want the feeling to be mutual on both sides.  So do you have an amazing product or service and would love to learn how your business can target the right customer?

Then go ahead and book a strategy call.  If our team feels like you’re a good fit and vice versa on our first call, we will do a free audit of your business to give you an exact estimate of what it will take to help you.

Stephen specializes in the following (not including his team).

  • 16 years of Online Product Development (Saas development and video course creation) and Sales
  • 11 years Video Marketing & Conversions
  • 13 years Funnel Building and Testing
  • Webinars Creation and Conversions

  • Conversion Optimization
  • 5 years – Pay Per Click – FB Ads, Google Ads (updated Adwords certification below)


Russell Brunson – DotComSecrets 

  • In 2010, in this public email, Russell Brunson sent an email to his list stating he hired me and promoted a digital marketing video membership of mine.  He said “$30K…Worth every penny!” for a project.  Russell flew me up to Boise, Idaho to his headquarters to meet for a day to partner with DotComSecrets on a product called Instant Traffic Systems because of my digital marketing experience.

Paul from Google

Jeremy Gislason with –
“The Largest Reseller Library for Digital Marketers”